Same-day Crowns

same day crowns

Thanks to high-tech dentistry, Dr. Bernsdorf’s office can now provide patients with same-day crowns to repair cracked teeth and decay. The automated process takes two hours for one tooth and three hours for two teeth. Dr. Bernsdorf has completed 14 crowns — a full arch — in one day. Utilizing the CEREC system, machines use 3D scans and a milling unit to produce ceramic crowns that match the exact shape and size of the patients’ teeth.

Your teeth are X-rayed, photographed and captured by the machine, which processes and refines the information and sends it to the milling unit where the crown is sculpted out of a ceramic block. Being fitted with a crown in one appointment eliminates the need for a temporary crown and return visit to the dentist. The size, shape and appearance of the crown will be almost identical to or better than the rest of the teeth in your mouth.

Dr. Bernsdorf also performs “immediate implants,” which replace teeth that need to be extracted, that SAME DAY!